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Using Bee-bots to develop key comeptences at young learners

Using bee-bot enables us to introduce elements of coding or programming to young learners in pre-school education . Bee-bot is a small robot in a shape of a bee, which is very convenient to use among young leaners to teach counting, sequencing, estimation and problem-solving while playing a game. Using bee-bots while teaching moves the classroom into a learner-centred learning environment, which puts special emphasis on active learning: learners solve problems, they collaborate, develop different strategies for learning, construct new skills and self-assess their progress. On the other hand the teacher only provides the structure, encourages the learners and helps them when necessary, without being too directive. The robot can follow simple or more complex commands. Therefore the activities are differentiated and interesting for both – higher ability learners or lower. The Bee-bot is very easy to use. By pressing the buttons it can be directed forward, backwards, left or right. By pressing the button GO, the robot moves and follows the commands. While following the commands the robot blinks and beeps and allows children to follow the Bee-bot through the program. The confirmation of the program is signalised by lights and sounds, too. Teaching programming by using Bee-bots results in establishing a highly motivating learning environment. The learning process is learner-centred and enables development of mathematical, digital and social competences – some of the key competences and skills of the 21st century.

Ana Kostanjšek
Osnovna šola Dobje


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